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Personal Shopping

Personal Shopping

You have an important business meeting or another event where you like to shine in an awesome Look? Or do you just like to discover you new and learn more about your type matching outfits and styles which underline your personality?

Then please get in touch with me. I will share exclusive tipps with you and help you creating individual new Looks that will make you feel more confident and let you shine brightly.

Choose your service between the classic Personal Shopping Tour in Palma de Mallorca or Munich City or the comfortable way of Home Service.

  • Business Looks
  • Cozy & casual Looks
  • Party Outfits
  • sporty Outfits
  • Bride and Bridesmade Dressing
  • Event Dressing
  • and many more



Madeleine Piccinni

Madeleine Piccinni

Personal Shopper & Talent Scout

Please contact me

+49 1736417072

personal shopping in 4 Steps

How it works

1) Personal Briefing, Color- & Type Check

Our first and almost most important step is the first personal meeting.

This is going to be the base for our whole work.

Checking your intension, your personality and the goals you like to reach with your new look we create the matching choice of shops for our tour.

Are you wishing for a total make over or just like to chance little things?

Together we will find it out.

Part of the first meeting is always the fitting and correct size analysis as well. Furthermore we will check which color type you are.

The meeting can either take place in our office in Munich or Palma de Mallorca or in any central café of course. 

Every style is individual. 

The look only gets perfect if it matches from the in- and the outside.

Which means that it is essential that your personality gets underlined by the right outfit. 

My goal is it to let you shine successfully. That you feel comfortable with your new look from the in- and the outside.

2) Shopping Tour- personal in the city or per Home Service

The second step will be the shopping tour in the for you collected stores.

You can choose between the persoal tour with me in Palma de Mallorca or Munich or the comfortable Home Service.

Of course there are further cities on the island and in Germany possible. Just give me a call and let me know, where you would like to have it.

If you decide the classic personal Shopping, we have the advantage that we might be a little bit faster and you can decide 100% what you like. You can try on every peace immediatly. his way might be a little bit more precisely.

On the other hand you have a very comfortable and flexible option with the Home Service. It can also take place in your hotel room.

Here I will collect specific outfits based on our briefing for you.

I will bring you a choice of 5-6 outfits to your home or hotel where you can try it on privatly and can combine it to your current clothes and accessoires.

Especially for busy people this way is very comfortable, as we can meet in the evening or on a weekend.

The classic Personal Shopping includes usually 3 outfits.

You decide which option is best for you.

3) Styling

The look gets finaly perfct with the right Make Up and Hair Styling.

This is why I collaborate with professional Make Up Artists and Hair Dresser in Palma and Munich.

If you like this upgrade, you will get a professional hair- and make Up Styling directly after our shopping tour.


Enjoy the complete and magic finish of your look! 

4) Shooting

To fix your special day, we offer at Your Style 24 a professional speed fotoshootig.

In collaboration with professional photographs in Munich and Mallorca, we upgrade the tour if you like with a little shooting.

The shooting lasts aout 15 minutes and will tae place directly after your styling and the shopping tour. You receive 3 professional retouched shots as well.

"Eleganz heißt nicht herauszustechen, sondern im Gedächtnis zu bleiben."

Giorgio Armani

"Stil ist eine Art zu zeigen wer du bist- ohne sprechen zu müssen."

Rachel Zoe

"Mode Verschwindet, nur Stil bleibt erhalten"

Coco Chanel


Partner in Mallorca

Partner in München

Haare & Make Up:

Sonjas Hairbeauty

Foto & Video: Fabian Gruber


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